Bulk-Rate Unlimited

Prepayment Required
All bulk-rate unlimited plans require pre-payment before service begins.

Bulk Rate Unlimited Conference Calls
If you need flat-rate unlimited service for 1000+ attendees, this plan is for you. We offer you our lowest rate, which is $1
per attendee line,  per month, or $1000 per month per 1000 attendee/lines. You will be provided a moderator pin code
and an attendee pin code, and a toll number to call. Participants dial a toll number, enter a pass-code followed by a # sign
when prompted by the automated attendant, and they are automatically placed into their conference without the assistance
of an operator. You and your participants may call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with no additional conferencing charge.

This service requires prepayment by credit card upon signup.