Why no-reservation conference calls make sense The state of audio conference calling has progressed significantly
during the last three years to a point where the customer should be in control of their own conference calling needs. If they
need a call ASAP, then with  they can pick up the phone and hold their conference immediately
without the hassles of making a reservation and eliminating the mistakes humans can make in a busy operations center.

The three basic advantages of no-reservation conference service
+ Less Expensive – Without the labor required to staff a reservation and operations center, can
   pass along these savings to the customer. Customers can realize up to 50% savings on their conference calling expenses.

+ Ease of Use – A customer simply has to dial a toll or toll-free telephone number and enter a pin code followed by the # sign
    when prompted by an automated attendant. Each conferee would follow the same procedures, allowing everyone to meet
    at the appropriate time and be bridged together automatically. If there are ever any problems, you can call the customer
    service line at 888-816-1104 and they can assist you.

+ Fewer Mistakes – By eliminating the human element in the reservation center and the operations center, has also eliminated the mistakes and errors that are committed by humans in these areas.