Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I Use Your Phone Conference Service?
A: Signup for service and receive your telephone number and pin codes. You will receive one moderator pin code, and one
attendee pin code unless you need departmental or other special pin code arrangements. When you are ready to hold your
conference call, all of the conferees dial the telephone number and enter in their pin codes followed by # when prompted
 by  the automated attendant. If you have any problems or questions, please call customer service at 1-888-816-1104.

Q: How many people can I have on a call?
A: From two to over five-thousand at a time.   

Q: With per minute rates, is that for one person, or for everyone?
A: Per minute rates are always per attendee. If you signup for toll-free service, you, the host, pay for everything. If you signup for
toll service, then you only pay the conferencing charge, and each attendee pays his/her normal long distance rates to reach one of our conferencing centers.

Q: How do Flat-Rate Plans Work?
A: With flat rate plans, you and your attendees may talk all they want, without worrying about a per minute conferencing charge from us. You and your attendees will certainly be making long distance phone calls, using your existing long distance carriers, to reach ether our Iowa call center, or our Kansas call center. We have a Texas call center, but its not available for flat-rate service, only per-minute services. If your long distance rates are too high, we invite you to check out the xPectations long distance plan menu item to the left.

Q: How am I Billed?
A: You will be billed on a weekly basis. If you would like to set up departmental billing or other specialized billing, we will be happy to accommodate your needs. Credit card billing is also available.

Q: Are There any Contracts or Gotchas?
A: No strings or fine print.

Q: How Long Does it Take to Get Setup?
A: The average time is 15 minutes.

Q: Can I Change my PIN codes?
A: You can add/delete/change PIN codes easily, whenever desired, free of charge.

Q: Can you Capture Attendees Phone Numbers when they Call?
A: Certainly. Ask for for “ANI” when you signup. ANI is only available with our toll free service at this time.

Q: Can there be Moderators with Administrative Capabilities?
A: Of course! You are in control of the call.

Q: How Many People Can I Have on a Call?
A: From two to over five thousand.

Q: I live in Canada. Can I use your Service?
A: Yes. We offer toll free, no-reservation service for 11 cents USD. See our rate card for further details.

Q: I Live Overseas. Can I use your Service?
A: International customers can use our 620 and 713 services, but of  course international calling rates (of your existing carrier) apply. In fact, our 713 operator dial-out service can save you money by using USA rates.