Why Our Service is Rated Excellent
Everybody says they are better, don’t they? Well ask around, and you’ll see very few have over $1,000,000 worth of conference call equipment in multiple mega-centers. We go to trade shows, so we know the competition. Some of the “other guys” even offer “free” service. Besides over-subscribing their ports, so people get busy signals, dropped, and noisy connections, some of them run their equipment out of their home garages! Good grief.

If you call our customer care number, you’ll get a fast, courteous answer, probably on the 1st ring. That’s hard to find these days. Not to mention our extended support hours. If you have a call at 2 AM, you get support at 2 AM.

Our prices are about as low as possible without cutting corners. We don’t charge you all those “sneaky fees” either. No fees for setup, cancellation, adds, changes or anything like that. The big three often charge a hundred dollars or more, before you even begin talking. Then they hit you with fees again, when you make any changes.

We love providing a quality service. We take care of the needs of tens of thousands of customers, many of them non-profits. We feel very good when we eventually go home at night. We are in this business to stay.